Powder coating is a finishing process for wheels that was first used in the United States in the 1960s. Since then it has become incredibly popular because it provides a high-quality, durable finish. Powder coating can be used as a protective coating, or purely for decoration; it is available in a wide range of colours and textures.

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating is applied as a free flowing powder. The application of the powder is relatively simple: filtered compressed air pushes the powder out of a gun past an electrode, which gives the powder a positive charge. The item being powder coated is grounded (earthed) so that the “positive” powder particles are attracted to it. Soon the item is completely covered in the powder and it is then cured in the oven, typically at 180°C.


Powder coating is particularly effective on objects with lots of nooks and crannies or difficult to reach places. The electrostatic process acts like a magnet with the “charged” powder particles giving an all-over, smooth coverage that cannot be achieved by painting alone. It is incredibly durable and resists corrosion and rusting much better than other finishes and is therefore ideal for exterior applications.

What Can Be Powder Coated?

Virtually any metal can be powder coated. We have, for example, powder coated the following:

  • Alloy / Steel / Magnesium Wheels.
  • Motor bike wheels.
  • Multi-spoked 1930’s Bentley Wheels.
  • Cast Iron Garden Planters.
  • Motor bike frames.
  • Rocker covers.
  • Radiators.
  • Garden tables and chairs.
  • Croquet hoops.
  • Small garden gates.
  • Motor bike and car springs.
  • Pedal cars.
  • Wine racks.
  • Fire Guards.
  • Various car parts.
  • Coal tongs.
  • Cookery stands.

The list is virtually endless so if you have something in mind do please give us a call on 01428 751899

Steve –  ACC Wheels


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