Alloy Wheel Repair Farnborough

For alloy wheel repair in Farnborough, call Alloy Care Centre.

Potholes and deteriorating road surfaces can soon cause wheels to become buckled or bent. The good news is that damaged wheels don’t always need to be replaced; we are often able to repair these issues.

Buckled wheels can cause a loss of tyre pressure as well as vibration through the steering column when driving. This increases tyre wear and can also damage the suspension and steering components of you vehicle. It can also result in a failed MOT.




Here at Alloy Care Centre we have a high tech, specialist wheel straightening machine. It uses a hydraulic press to ease out the damage in your wheels. Wheel straightening with a hydraulic press involves heating the damaged section of the wheel first. This reduces the likelihood of the wheel cracking under pressure. Then the damage is gently pushed out using a hydraulic ram.

Please be aware that because wheels are being heated, this can result in discolouration of painted surfaces. For this reason we recommend a full wheel refurbishment if the damage is on the outside of the wheel.

As well as this, repairing a wheel in this way involves a great deal of pressure and whilst every care is taken to ensure wheels are repaired successfully, there is a risk that wheels may crack as a result of the pressure involved.

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