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We have invested heavily in the latest state of the art equipment that includes the most up to date dipping tank to strip wheels back to bare metal.

Any damage to the wheel such as scuffs, kerb damage or corrosion is repaired by hand prior to us priming with a top quality powder coat, painting in the colour of your choice, and finally lacquering with a super durable powder top coat.

This is not the typical ‘lick of paint‘ over the surface of the wheel; this is a process that gives a very robust finish to the whole wheel that in many cases is far superior to the original factory finish. If you would like to see the process from start to finish please have a look at our video link.

As you will see from the video a great deal of time and care goes into our refurbishment service. On average it takes us approximately 14 hours to complete a set of 4 wheels, from removing the wheels from the car, completing the full refurbishment process, letting the wheels cool, replacing the tyres and putting them back on the car.

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