Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, Farnham

If you’re looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Farnham then look no further. Here at Alloy Care Centre we’ve been refurbishing wheels in Farnham for several years now, with numerous happy customers.

Are your alloy wheels damaged?

Even the most careful of drivers can end up with damage on their wheels; this could be chipping or scuffing or just damage from kerbs. Damage can look unsightly and can also impact the perceived value of your car. Alloy wheels can really make a car look fantastic when they’re in pristine condition and although they can be easily damaged the good news is they’re often easily refurbished too for professionals like us.

How can I get my alloy wheels refurbished?

If you need alloy wheels refurbished in Farnham we know we will be able to help you. In a matter of  approximately 14-18 hours even the most scuffed, damaged wheel can be looking as good as new. We specialise in wheel refurbishment in Farnham and always strive to be the best at what we do.

We believe the process we use is second to none, because we take such great care and pay close attention to detail. We remove the wheels from the car and remove the tyres before beginning the refurbishment process. Our onsite team of highly trained experts then begins the refurbishment process. Firstly we’ll remove any corrosion and damage, before priming with a high quality powder coating. The alloy can then be painted with a colour of your choice before a final powder durable lacquer top coat finish. Our process of refurbishing wheels is incredibly robust and provides a superior finish to your wheels. In some cases our customers have said their refurbished wheels look better than they did when the car was originally bought! This is especially true when our customers have used our diamond cutting service for alloy wheels.


How do you refurbish alloy wheels?

When we refurbish alloy wheels the first step is to remove the wheels from the vehicle, and then take of the tyres. Our alloy wheel care experts then work on any damage or corosion on the wheels, before priming them with a high quality powder coating. We can then paint the wheels in your choice of colour if you like, before finishing with a powder lacquer top coat which creates a hard and durable finish.

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