Although our main area of business is car wheels we do offer a refurbishment service for motor bike wheels as long as they have been fully stripped down with the tyres removed. We have powder coated a number of motor bike wheels over the years, in many different colours. We can usually match a manufacturer colour or, of course you can have any colour you like. As well as the wheels we can powder many other parts of the bike, including the frame, swinging arm, fuel tank, metal mud guards etc. In this way we can give your bike a whole new lease of life.

The typical charge for a motor bike wheel is £75 plus VAT  which works out as £180 for the two wheels, with VAT. The process takes longer than for car wheels as we do need to mask up the wheels as you can see in these images:



The following short video shows some of the masking up on the wheel inserts, the painting process and finally the removal of the high temperature masking paper and tape. It is necessary to remove the masking material whilst the item is still quite hot. If left to cool completely it becomes quite difficult to remove as the edges bond with the powder primer, paint and lacquer.








A film crew visited us recently; full details to follow in our next blog!

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Steve  –  ACC Wheels