Wheel Repair Alton

For wheel repair in Alton, be sure to come to Alloy Care Centre.

If your wheels have been damaged and buckled by potholes and uneven road surfaces, we are here to help.

When a wheel becomes buckled this can have a knock-on effect on other parts of your vehicle. It may affect tyre pressure, and can also cause vibration and shaking up through the steering mechanism. This in turn can damage the suspension and steering components and your vehicle may even fail an MOT.

We have many years’ experience in repairing wheels in Alton and have many happy customers.




We have recently invested in a specialist straightening machine for wheel repair which uses an hydraulic press to gently ease damage out of wheels.


In order to carry out wheel repair, wheels are heated in order to avoid them cracking under pressure. This can cause discolouration to painted surfaces. For this reason we recommend a full wheel refurbishment if the damage to be repaired is located on the outside of your wheel.

It is also important to bear in mind that because of the nature of this service, it is not possible to guarantee that wheels will not crack during the process of wheel repair. Of course every effort is taken to avoid this, but repairing and straightening a wheel requires considerable force.

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