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How do you get rid of scratches on a motorbike?

A couple of small scratches may not notice, but over time scratches on your motorbike can make it look dull and shabby. Whether you’re a motocross, enduro, trail or road rider it is inevitable that wear and tear will take its toll on your motorbike. The good news is that we are here to help. With our dipping tank, powder coating and lacquer top coat, we can often remove all trace of a scratch on your motorbike.

Motorbike scratch repair

Our workshop facilities lend themselves perfectly to motorcycle scratch repair. Our stripping tank enables us to remove old paint leaving bare metal that can be sand blasted in order to give the perfect key ready for the powder coating process. Powder coating is ideal for refurbishing bike parts as we can apply a zinc primer for rust prevention followed by a coloured powder coat or wet paint  and a topcoat in either a matt, semi gloss or gloss finish.

Motorcycle body refurbish

We can cater for riders of all types of motorbike, from the modern bike in need of a bespoke coloured set of wheels or handlebars through to the enthusiast restoring a 1970s Japanese future classic or twin shock MX bike.

Whatever the make, model or style of your motorcycle we are able to restore all of its metal components back to their original – or to a bespoke finish.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch to discuss the endless possibilities.


Motorbike respray

Be it wheels, frame, swinging arm or brake levers our workshop can strip, repair and powder coat virtually any part on your bike.

Some of the motorcycle parts we can restore include:

Metal fuel tanks | Frames | Swinging Arms | Foot pegs | Levers | Grab rails | Wheels

Vapour Blasting

We also offer a vapour/soda blasting service. This is a time consuming process that enables us to bring a phenomenal original-looking finish to old engines and unpainted metal parts. Essentially it is a very high pressure water jet that delivers a super-fine blast media which slowly but surely returns tarnished parts to a like new original look. Perfect for complete engines and casings.

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