Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Surrey

We are your local experts for alloy wheel refurbishment in Surrey. With many years of experience and many happy customers, we have an excellent track record of refurbishing alloy wheels to their former glory.

Are your alloy wheels damaged?

Even the most careful driver can end up with chipped or scuffed alloy wheels and over time this can build up so that our wheels look shabby and detract from the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. The good news is that alloy wheels are easily refurbished when you’re an expert!

How can I get my alloy wheels refurbished?

We are the local experts in alloy wheel rerufbishment. If your alloys are in need of some care, bring them to us!

As experts in alloy wheel refurbishment in Surrey we use the best techniques and equipment available, including a state of the art dipping tank. We will get your alloy wheels looking great in no time. With our diamond cutting service even the most scuffed and damaged wheels can be transformed to looking shiny and smart.

Our process for refurbishing alloy wheels is second to none. The process takes around fourteen hours, from removing the wheels from your car to cooling and replacing them.


How do you refurbish alloy wheels?

Once the wheels have been removed from the vehicle, our experts will remove any corrosion or damage. We then prime the wheels with a high quality powder coating. At this stage the alloy can be painted in the colour of your choice if required. The wheel is then finished with a powder lacquer top coat which creates a very durable finish.

Why not take a look at our gallery for some examples of our work.

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