Wheel Repair Guildford

If you are looking for alloy wheel repair in Guildford, Alloy Care Centre is the best place to go.

When roads are damaged with potholes and uneven surfaces this can soon lead to buckled wheels.

When your wheel becomes buckled it’s not just the wheel that is affected. Buckled wheels can lead to a loss in tyre pressure and can also cause vibration up through the steering mechanism, which leads to damage to the suspension and steering components. All of this can mean that your vehicle could even fail its MOT.

Here at Alloy Care Centre we are experts in wheel repair as well as wheel refurbishment.



We use a specialist wheel straightening machine for our wheel repair service. This uses an hydraulic press to gently ease the damage out of your wheels.

Wheel repair Guildford: Important note

Please bear in mind that in order to be repaired, wheels are heated. This helps to avoid their cracking under the pressure of the hydraulic press. This heat can cause discolouration to any painted surfaces on the wheel and for this reason we always recommend a full wheel refurbishment if the damage is on the outside of the wheel.

As well as this, it is important to note that it is not possible to guarantee that wheels will not crack during the process of wheel repair. We take every precaution to avoid this happening, but repairing and straightening a wheel requires considerable force.

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