Wheel Straightening

How much does it cost to straighten a wheel?

Wheel Straightening From £40 + Vat

Any number of things can cause damage to your wheels, including pot holes, poor road surfaces or accidentally hitting a curb whilst parking. Essentially, anything that hits your wheel hard enough can cause it to buckle.

Buckles and flat spots on your wheels can quickly lead to a loss of tyre pressure, vibration and shaking through your steering wheel and potentially failing your next MOT. Out of shape wheels will mean your tyres need to be replaced more often, and the vibrations they cause can seriously damage your vehicle’s suspension and steering components.



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Wheel Straightening Process

We have a high tech, specialist wheel straightening machine which uses a hydraulic press to ease out the damage to your wheels.

The wheel on the hub of our machine slowly rotates your wheel, measuring the shape with a dial gauge. Once the damage is accurately located we heat this and the surrounding area. This helps to avoid the possibility of your wheel cracking under pressure. Once the wheel is heated we use a hydraulic ram to gently push out any damage until the wheel runs true.


As wheels are heated during this process there is likely to be discolouration to the painted surface, whilst this will not be visible on the inside of the wheel we recommend a full refurbishment if the damage to be repaired is on the outside face of the wheel.

Finally, the process of straightening a wheel involves considerable force and whilst we will obviously apply our considerable skill and knowledge to the job in hand, it is not possible to guarantee that wheels will not crack as a result.


  • 1 Wheel without tyre – £50 + VAT
  • 1 Wheel with tyre strip/refit and balance – £50 + VAT On car cost: £60 + VAT
  • If one of your wheels needs to be straightened whilst undergoing a full refurbishment with us – £35 + VAT
  • Crack repair – £60 + VAT, reduced to £35 + VAT if the wheel is being refurbished

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