Alloy Wheel Crack Repair

Can alloy wheel cracks be repaired?

If your alloy wheels have cracks, we are here to help. With years of experience in alloy wheel repair and straightening, we have the expertise and knowledge to repair alloy wheel cracks.

Sometimes a crack may be too severe – or there may be too many cracks in a wheel, in which case it may need to be replaced. If it is repairable though, we can do it.

Alloy wheels can often develop cracks and damage around the outer rim. This can be caused by hitting a curb or a speed bump – but also from driving over pot holes and similar on uneven roads.



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How much does it cost to fix cracked rims?

We charge £60 + VAT to repair a cracked alloy wheel. If we are repairing a cracked wheel as part of an overall refurbishment, the price is £35 + VAT.

Our expert technicians will always do their best to repair all cracks, or to discuss your options with you if a crack is not repairable. We do recommend that a wheel crack repair is undertaken as part of a full refurbishment of an alloy wheel, as the work involved in repairing cracks and straightening wheels can lead to a discolouration of the wheel in places. This is because of the heat involved in the repairing and straightening process.

How do I know if my alloy wheels are cracked?

It can be hard to spot a crack in an alloy wheel; often the first sign of a cracked wheel is a slow puncture. It is good practice to keep an eye on your tyre pressure so that you are able to spot when your tyre pressure is dropping more quickly than usual. This would be a good indication that there is a hairline crack in your alloy wheel.



  • Crack repair – £60 + VAT, reduced to £35 + VAT if the wheel is being refurbished

    • 1 Wheel without tyre – £50 + VAT
    • 1 Wheel with tyre strip/refit and balance – £50 + VAT On car cost: £60 + VAT
    • If one of your wheels needs to be straightened whilst undergoing a full refurbishment with us – £35 + VAT

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